Ran Gavrieli

Jewish Masculinity before and after the Zionist project

(conferencia en Inglés)

The Zionist perception of the new Jewish male, especially the Israeli, contradicts many gender qualities and human virtues that the 'old' Jewish role model held. One was constructed as an opposite and radical reaction the Jewish Male who was a victim of the Holocaust. In order to become a warrior and a settler on the ancestor's soil, the New Jews felt he must leave behind him, and almost deny, beautiful virtues the Jewish male had enfolded within himself, his family and his community. Now, the time has come for he to mature as a nation and learn to merge between the two selves. American ideals are overcoming the old Jewish heritage. The most influential force socially and culturally on a global level is American media; this holds prominent in Israel too. 

Ran is a 37 years old Israeli educator, international lecturer, and founder of ELSE Foundation in the US (http://elsebyrangavrieli.com). He is the father of Ayala and Noga 5, and partner for life to Naama. Ran is a feminist activist for social justice, sex and gender equality and abolition of the sex industry. Holds a B.A. in Theatre and Gender Studies and a M.A. in Gender Studies both from Tel Aviv University. He is the author of the viral (17m views) TEDx Talk "Why I stopped Watching Porn" that connects the dots between Women Traffic, Prostitution and Pornography (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRJ_QfP2mhU). He does around 400 talks a year about "emotional and physical safe sex education" at schools in Israel, Universities in the US (including Harvard Law School and Harvard Graduate School of Education), as well as in military bases and academic forums. Ran promotes men's responsibility to stop sexual harassment, sexual violence and the exploitation of porn-influenced culture in our society and in the young generation in particular. 

​Jewish Masculinity before and after the Zionist project (conferencia en Inglés)