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Why do Jews still live in Poland?

This talk is an invitation to look closely into the Polish Jewish history post WWII, to understand the influence of communist regime on the Jews in Poland and how did the fall of Berlin wall allow for Jewish life to flourish again in Poland.

This talk will also bring closer the stories of young Polish Jews today, the discovery stories of Jewish roots and the Jewish journeys they take. We will also discuss the influence of Hillel and communal programs, connections to Israel and worldwide Jewish community on building and strengthening the Jewish identity.


Magda Dorosz is the Executive Director of Hillel Warsaw where she is providing educational and social activities for Jewish young adults who are looking for a meaning of their Jewish heritage and to help strengthen their Jewish identity.

Magda also coordinates Taglit Birthright and Masa programs in Poland connecting young adults to Israel, Jewish people and Judaism.

Magda graduated from the University of Wroclaw and received an M.A. in public administration. She currently lives in Warsaw. 

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